One machine ! Many Uses !
Muck-truck offers versatility with a range of interchangeable accessories.
Muck-truck offers quality manufactured products at affordable prices without cutting corners on cheaper consumables.
Muck-truck has been established for over 18 years, outsmarting competitors each time.

Muck-truck is an ideal partner for concrete. It will work alongside tumble mixers around any worksite.
Muck-truck allows controlled tipping of the concrete. You can't load a conventional wheelbarrow this way without a second worker holding on to the handles.

Muck-truck allows controlled tipping of the concrete, just lift the handles and pour without operating the skip catch lever.

The muck-truck is great for both outdoor & indoors.

Measuring 28" wide, and only 61" long, it manoeuvres easily through doorways around corners and any narrow access. A conventional wheelbarrow just can't be pushed up steep ramps or over curbs

Muck-truck is safe to use even around your most precious babies..

For the landscapers and gardeners, there is nothing like the muck-truck flatbed to take the "load" off your back.

The muck-truck is light on it's wheels and can be used around the yard without damaging your lawn.

Muck-truck proves to be a great workhorse for the
National Parks Service Industry.

Reduces Workman Compensation claims. Increases productivity. And makes those heavy loads easy to shift.

The Mucktruck is the perfect accompaniment to a mini-digger when excavating foundations for extensions at the rear of a property, where access might be from a side alley or back gate. With two mucktruck wheel barrows you can get twice the output from a digger because while one is being loaded up the other is being emptied.

The muck-truck can get into tight corners, here it squeezes alongside the trench foundation and the garden wall.

Muck-truck offers a wide range of accessories.

Fitted with side extensions, carrying a 550lbs load over an uneven trail and uphill is virtually effortless.

The muck-truck will easily climb a 38o incline carrying a full 550lbs load.

Need more than 550lbs - see details of our new MAX Truck

Try pushing a wheel barrow up this hill (our office girls will race you!!).
The machine is fitted with a safety lever, and have been tested by the Health & Safety boards for each country we supply. Should this operator slip,
releasing the lever will stop the machine in it's tracks.

Our machines are built for the tough outdoors, helping you reach new heights.

Whatever you need to move, shovel or shift, muck-truck is the answer.

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