Questions we are frequently asked are listed below. If you have any other questions about the muck-truck® power barrow range or muck-truck® accessories,
Contact Muck Truck UK Ltd or call 01566 777 140 and we will be happy to help you.

1. How easy is it to steer a loaded Muck-truck®?

Just ease the handles off the ground and the weight distribution does the rest. It is as easy to steer fully loaded as it is to steer when it's empty.

2. How do I tip a loaded Muck-truck®/MAX Dumper?

Release the skiplock lever with the right hand and slightly raise both handles. The skip will pivot and dump the load.

3. When tipped, does the front of a loaded Muck-truck® hit the ground?

No. The skip tips over the centre so there's a good clearance for your load to tip cleanly out of the skip.

4. How much will the machines carry?

The muck-truck will carry 2½ wheelbarrow loads, ¼ tonne (250kg) sand or cement etc, 120 loose bricks, 25 x 1m rolls of turf. The MAX dumper 8cu ft (800lbs/365g) will carry 3 wheelbarrow loads.

5. Can I tip into the skip with my standard sized cement mixer?

Yes provided it is fitted onto a frame.

6. How easy is it to maintain?

The transmission is a sealed unit and requires no attention other than periodic brake adjustment. All engine adjustments, including replacing the air filter and spark plug, are readily accessible without removing covers. To change the drive belt takes less than 5 minutes with no specialist tools required.

7. How readily available are spare parts?

Any order phoned or faxed before 11.00am can be delivered the next working day. If you provide us with a postal code spares can even be delivered to a working site.

8. How quickly can attachments be fitted?

In seconds. Just remove one lynch pin, slide attachment off/on two locator brackets, (one is longer to make things really easy), and replace the pin. No tools required.

9. What gradient will a fully loaded Muck-truck® or MAX dumper climb?

Fitted with powerdrive 4-wheel drive, up to 30 °.

10. How long has the Muck-truck® been in production?

We have been making the Muck-truck® for over 16 years.

11. Why should I buy a Muck-truck® as opposed to a Power Barrow?

We believe that our muck-truck® is made stronger. We use good quality spare parts on our machines, we do not use plastic buckets/tubs which Power-Barrow considers a consumable (throw away item). Plastic is not as durable and strong as steel and they have the hidden cost of replacing a plastic bucket/tub when you can buy a steel bucket that will last you years.We do not fit cheap chinese bearings or cables. Muck-truck®have always had the "edge" outsmarting competitors each time. We offer a full range of interchangeable accessories and that is why we are the preferred supplier for HSS, Jewsons and Brandons.

Perhaps one day when they start manufacturing cars, bicycles and other construction equipment out of plastic we would cosider doing the same.

Until then Steel is obviously the best option.

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